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This non-profit initiative is dedicated to reshaping the perception of the Jewish people by sharing Jewish heroism through music and storytelling. It does so from the inside out: connecting first the Jewish and Israeli people towards their unique heroism, later echoing it to global audiences.

Sparked by the October 7th events amazing multiple heroism acts as a microcosmos for Jewish heroism of all time, it is about telling the Jewish story through a narrative of heroism other than the victimhood. The narrative is delivered through a multi-content educational technological experience: such as music videos, concerts and exhibitions, educational programs, documentaries and books.
All activities to later be the foundations of Project Heroes online and physical center.

Our mission is clear: to construct a narrative of heroism, emphasizing the accounts of individuals who played pivotal roles throughout our history. From the days of Abraham, to our contemporary heroes, sacrificing their lives to save others on October 7th.

Jewish Heroism

Jewish heroism is a special kind of heroism, with unique characters that reappeared along time. It has persisted throughout history, from the times of Abraham and Moses to the present day, exemplified by figures like King David, the Maccabees.

Unlike the cinematic action heroes that blast blindly with machine guns their enemies, The Jewish heroism is rooted in a commitment to freedom, equality, peace, and morality, Jewish heroism refrains from conquering others and fosters harmony. This form of heroism extends beyond survival, contributing significantly to humanity's future survival.

About Gilad Segev, CEO:

Entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, author, and documentarian.

Achieved 10 number-one hits in Israel and significant international success.

Founded Passerby, a travel music lifestyle brand with millions of followers.

Gilad's personal narrative intertwines with recent events in various ways. Not only is he a descendant of Holocaust survivors, but his popular song “Achshav Tov,” which is dedicated to his brother who lost his life while serving, received widespread recognition, becoming the most-played track on Israeli radio stations.

As the driving force behind Project Heroes, Gilad utilizes his multifaceted talents as an artist and entrepreneur to highlight acts of heroism. He uses his proven ability to create a best selling experiences, either by songs, videos, book, or documentaries. He does so together with his top content team to create the essence to Heroes project.

Boards & Teams

The operations comprises elite content, administration, and production teams, alongside Passerby teams in Israel and TEEV teams in North America.

Our work was seeded by a grant from the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation. We are in the process of fundraising and forming an international advisory board.

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