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About The Project

Project Heroes, a non-profit initiative, is all about redefining the Jewish people as the special heroes they truly are. It is based on creating an experience that will lead to a change of perception, based on the universal languages of music and storytelling.

It does so from the inside out: fostering a deep connection within the Jewish and Israeli communities first, to later echo heroic narratives globally.

Taken from 'Heroes' October 7th
Commemoration Program
נגן וידאו
נגן וידאו

Heroes Programs

Sparked by the October 7th events and the amazing heroic acts, our mission is to tell the Jewish story through a narrative of heroism rather than victimhood.

The experience encompasses a multifaceted educational and technological platform, including music videos, concerts, exhibitions, educational programs, documentaries, and books – all supported by our donors and contributors.

נגן וידאו

Heroes Commemoration Concert

Heroes commemoration concert is an illuminating and unifying experience that honors the heroic acts of October 7th. It is dedicated to those who lost their lives while saving the lives of others on that horrific day, each of them representing a certain aspect of the unique character of Jewish heroism. 

This multimedia stage experience seamlessly combines songs and videos with live music, together with touching documentary scenes, as well as state-of-the-art video artwork, effects, and lighting.

Support the creation of the 'Heroes' content experience, and join us in reshaping the narrative by sharing these stories.

Sharing the stories allows us to take part in the heroism act itself, As the act never ends as long as we echo it, allowing heroes to live forever.

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